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Thread: rF2 and DIY H gear shifter behaviour

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    Question rF2 and DIY H gear shifter behaviour

    I am in the process of hacking the new Logitech gear shifter with an Arduino Leonardo so that I will not need a Logitech wheel in order to use the Logitech gear shifter. And yes, if successful, I will make everything openly available so that anyone can use a Leo/Micro and my code to do the same thing. Well, someone maybe has already done that, I did not search for it because I wanted to do it myself and learn something in the process :-).

    My question is: how do rF & rF2 want to be presented with controller data in order for them to shift the gear? Do they expect short impulses (controller button press followed shortly by controller button release)? Does this mean you must always send a button press for Neutral when exiting from gear?

    Or do rF & rF2 use the "hold button for gear" method (as in the GTR2 controller option)? In case of "hold button for gear" do they expect a button hold for Neutral, too, or they will automatically go in Neutral if a gear button is not hold?

    Thank you.
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    I know, outdated thread, but maybe others comes to the same question...

    As far as i know, rF2 goes automaticly in the neutral position, as long as you dont assign any button for the Neutral function in the steering control settings. However, why not use the Leo Bodnar G27 Shifter Adapter? With the Bodnar Adapter you can connect the shifter to an usb port.
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    There's a line in the controller json:

    "Gear Select Button Hold":true,
    "Gear Select Button Hold#":"Enable this option if using a gear select device that holds down a joystick button while in a gear and releases all buttons in neutral (such as the Act-Labs USB Shifter)",

    If set to "true" it requires the gear button to be pressed to hold the gear in place, otherwise it's on neutral. so no need to set the shifter to engage neutral on gear release.
    If set to "false" you need to set the shifter to engage neutral on gear release. If you would need this kinda thing for some reason, this can be done with joystick mapping softwares like XPADDER or Joy2Key. obviously you need to map the gears into keys for these to work.. former is good for macros for both press and release and timed key/button press/releases, and the latter recognizes button/key presses (as holding and releasing the key) and has many nice gimmicks in it

    Hope this helps

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