If you are having problems running rFactor, such as after installing a mod/addon/plugin, follow the instructions below to create a clean install of rFactor. This will ensure all files are removed.

NOTE: If you have rFactor on disc:
There are 2 versions that come on disc. One is the digital download version (which is what you would download from our website) and the other is the SafeDisc DVD version.

You can determine which Disc distribution version you have by the way it launches the game. If you have the SafeDisc DVD version it will prompt you to insert the DVD when launching rFactor, whereas the digital download version will not. The digital download version requires online activation and may prompt you to reactivate your game if (for example) you have reformatted your computer, significantly changed your computer configuration, or installed rFactor on a new computer.

If you have the digital download version on disc, you can download the 1255 full installer from the downloads page of rfactor.net to ensure you have the latest version of rFactor.

Be sure to follow the instructions depending on the distribution version you have.

To make a clean install of rfactor:

1. Uninstall rFactor from your Add & Remove programs option in your Control Panel or using the game’s uninstall feature.

2. DELETE THE ENTIRE RFACTOR INSTALLATION FOLDER along with all its contents and any rfactor related folders and files in your Documents folder.

3. Open your Internet Browser and go to the downloads page of rfactor.net. If you have the SafeDisc DVD version, download the rFactor DVD 'f' patch. Otherwise, download the 1255 full installer. Make sure to note where on your computer you have downloaded the file.

4. Install rfactor. When prompted to update Directx, select YES (even if you have the latest version or Windows Vista/7). This will not downgrade your current Directx version but may install files not already on your system that rFactor may require to run correctly.

5. If you have the SafeDisc DVD version, copy the DVD 'f' patch to your rFactor installation folder and extract its contents (thus allowing it to overwrite any existing files of the same name). See your Windows documentation for more detailed instructions on extracting files from archives.

6. Launch rfactor. If prompted to activate rfactor, use your 32 digit activation code sent to you by Trymedia at the time of purchase and follow the instructions in item #2 at the trymedia customer support center.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT install any mods/addons/plugins until you are sure the game is working correctly. Always troubleshoot issues with a clean install of rfactor.