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Thread: HELP!! rF triple monitors

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    HELP!! rF triple monitors

    Hi Guys

    I have just got a new system with an ATI 5850 eyefinity to set up my triple screen rig...I now have a resolution of 5760 x 1080 for my desktop and it works fine with i-Racing but I can't get it to work with rFactor, I have spoke to other people with exactly the same set-up and they tell me that when I fire up the rFactor config file that I should be seeing the new resolution and option for "multiscreen" which I am not...all I get is very basic options, 7 in all with the biggest being 1280 x 720

    any idea why this might be??

    also on a side note the rF config tells me what graphics card and OS i'm correctly states that I'm using ATI 5000 series BUT it says that I'm using Windows XP build 7600 which I am not...I'm using W7.....its a brand new built machine which has never had XP installed on it

    any help would be appreciated....its doing my head in now



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    it turned out to be the config tool in rF that was an old version...I had v1.4 and i needed v1.5 once i put the newer one in it worked straight away and gave me the option for my 5670 x 1080 res

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    Hey cosmic70,
    I have a similar problem with my SLI GeForce cards, would you let me know where you downloaded the v1.5 config tool?

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    In iRacing it is possible to create a space betwen monitors so that the image lines up correctly between the 3 screens. Can this be done in rFactor2?

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