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Thread: Project BruteForce2 - IONI-based DIY DD FFB Wheel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
    I've seen Prodigy on VR forums (German) too, at least i think it's the same Prodigy because his avatar is the same over there
    Yup, that would be me

    Although I am not german, I do speak and understand that language so I am hanging often on VR forum to learn more and gather information

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    Same with me Prodigy

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    i also bought a kit to tomo meglic and he was very professional and send the packaged 100% in the batch he told me (1 month aprox from ordering it).
    I haven't mounted it yet and thus i haven't tried it cause i have no display to play any game, i am waiting for cv1.
    MOTION RIG &comment_id=5474398&notif_t=photo_album_comment

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