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Thread: Chapman Track Creator

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    This is outside my realm of knowledge but it's great to see you making progress. I am always supportive of these measures and still vividly remember the long process of the GP4 Track Editor's development and the outstanding benefits it brought to the game and community five years after the game's release. I also like some of the other stuff you have briefly hinted at in your site.

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    Thank you.

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    First post updated with some new links.

    Added link to the YouTube channel where I will upload videos on the track editor to (and I do intend on uploading some videos soon).
    Added link to the Twitch channel that I will do live-streams about the track editor (and I do intend on live-streaming).
    Added link to the official subreddit.
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    New screenshot available. This one highlights the basic item structure for the scene explorer. Next up, I have to implement the graphics accelerator to the window labeled "Viewport" window so that we can see our track being created.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Tree Structure View.png 
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    The "Configuration" adds stuff like checkpoints (miss them to get black-flagged), pit box and garage locations, etc. For ISI simulators, the first three items that you see in the "Course" item can be placed outside that item to create geometry that is shared between courses. That's in addition to the items within the "Course" item, which creates course-specific geometry.

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    I'm in the process of implementing the 3D accelerator. This needs to be implemented before the rest of the objects are fully implemented so that I can check their implementation to make sure that it is correct. So far, so good.

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    I've been having some computer issues lately on the computer I'm using to develop this track editor. So progress is suspended until I get those issues resolved.

    EDIT: Issue resolved! Progress will resume.
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    I have two new screenshots of the track editor. This time showing the new 3D accelerator implementation of the viewport:

    First test of DirectX 11.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3D Accelerator Implemented.png 
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    Second test of DirectX 11 with Fraps running (once I figured out that I need to tell the application to continuously redraw the scene).
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Framerate Test.png 
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    Quick updates: I have two new screenshots of the track editor here. The screenshots are of the implementation of the Scene Explorer's context menu being able to insert objects into the scene.

    Also, I will soon be testing the track editor's WINE compatibility so that it can be used on Linux systems.

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    New blog post for those who want Linux compatibility.

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    New blog post. We're getting close to having more screenshots. This time, they will be of track surfaces and (eventually) walls.

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    Long time, no update: I can fix that. Here's the status update.

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    Apparently, the rFactor 2 forums has been deleted as well as the CTC thread in that forum. So I will post updates to the track editor here. I'm currently working on a video progress report. But there's not much to report since the editor has been on hold for the last few months.

    Here's the video report.
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    I've been mostly making progress reports on the rFactor 2 forum thread. But I will also try to update this thread in the future. I have a live stream scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 PM here.

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