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Thread: Chapman Track Creator

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    Progress Report: All of the objects that can be used to create and texture the track geometry have been defined. All 16 of them!

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    Nice...keep the progress ;-)
    English is not my native language. Please be patient ;-)
    Space Shooter for free ;-)

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    A couple of quick updates: (1) I've made it easier to work on the project from different locations. (2) Now the real fun begins with coding the stuff to create and keep track of the various objects.

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    Apparently, the coding technique that I was using to manage the objects is out of date and there is a newer and safer way to do what needs to be done.

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    No rush. Just know that Mosport and other great tracks are waiting for you .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guimengo View Post
    No rush. Just know that Mosport and other great tracks are waiting for you .
    Yeah, no pressure!

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    I am currently working on getting all of my code up to the current C++ standard. What a setback! I have to re-learn practically half the language because of the 2011 standard change that I didn't know about until about a month or so ago. On the plus side, there's far less likely to be "memory leaks" (memory marked as "taken" when it should be marked as "available") which means that the editor is less likely to eat up all of your computer's memory under the new standard.

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    Take your time! In the meantime we will (try to) be patient

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    Progress report:
    1. I found a few overly-specialized objects that will reduce versatility. I'm working to remedy that.
    2. Code for the objects are almost up to date with current C++ standard.
    3. I am almost ready to start binding the functions in the MFC framework to that of the objects that will be used to construct the track.

    Question: Should I put this project on Kickstarter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TChapman500 View Post
    Progress report:
    Question: Should I put this project on Kickstarter?
    Don't think you would get very far with that.

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    I hit a wall while trying to get the track editor to create an object.

    Update: Every time I add a new object, I'm going to have to add an "#include" entry to almost every single cpp file in the project. This could become time-consuming. Not to mention, the editor crashed when I tried to create the project, so I'm going to have to track that down.
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    I just made a brake-through in development! The Scene Controller is working perfectly so far now that I have learned how to do "polymorphism" under the new C++ standard. I suppose I should fix the bug with the "File Names" field returning the exact same value as the "Project Name" field within the "New Track" dialog.

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    Looking good mate keep it up can not wait to take a look

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    Apparently, I've been lied to about the new C++ standard. Can't use the new object's deleters without causing CTD (I built a simple test application to get those results) so I'm going to use the "old school" stuff and if any "expert" programmers want to say that doing so is "bad code," then they're going to have to find a good way to support their assertion.

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    Quite strong words there. Are you sure there wasn't just a mistake or an oversight?

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    That's why I used the word "apparently" in my statement.

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    All bugs with the track editor have been fixed except for the one with the window not actually maximizing.

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    First post updated.

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    New Screenshot

    New Screenshot Available!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	First Property Window Function.png 
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ID:	16323
    At the bottom right, you can see in the Properties window the properties of the Test Track item that has been selected in the Scene Explorer just above it. Next step will be implementing functions to allow you to change those properties (ClassID property is locked).

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