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Thread: Trymedia Activation Email Explained

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    Trymedia Activation Email Explained

    The ACTIVATION CODE is what you will use when unlocking rFactor.

    The ORDER NUMBER is what you will use if you have to contact us for additional renewals.

    Be sure to save this email when you receive it.

    This is an example of the email you will receive after activating rFactor online.

    Thank you for your purchase of rFactor.
    If you didn't start the download from the purchase page,
    please follow this link to download your PERSONALIZED copy of
    the software:

    (Download link)

    The license you have purchased is only valid for your computer. In the
    event of a license loss, a change in your computer's configuration or if
    you wish to install the software on additional computers, you will have
    to RENEW your license by providing us with your:

    ACTIVATION CODE: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    You have the right to acquire 5 RENEWALS without charge.

    To renew your license, simply you must reinstall the original program
    you were using. You can always get a free download here:
    (Download link)

    Your purchase information appears below.
    Order No: ORD123456
    Date: 2007/11/01 12:31:29

    Charged To: Your Name

    123 anywhere st
    high point, NC 27260

    Description Price
    ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
    rFactor US $39.99

    SUBTOTAL US $39.99
    TAX US $0.00


    For questions and help, visit our online Customer Support Center:

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. If we are unable to resolve a problem
    or if you are not completely satisfied with your product, we are pleased to
    provide you with a refund if your request is received within 48 hours of
    purchase. To request a refund, visit our Customer Support Center.

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    Rescuing this old thread while looking for a new email to ask for an activation code, as the old trymedia one seems to be out of order.

    Thanks! - Historic FIA GT for rFactor

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    You know this thread you 'rescued' was over 4 years old, right?

    Trymedia is no longer around; if you still have an old version of rFactor you can't activate it directly, you'll need to grab the latest version (v1.255g) of rFactor and convert your code to work with it. But there are some threads around here suggesting some people are not getting replies from the relevant email address, or being activated. I have no personal experience to add to it.

    Here are some related threads, but there are probably more:!!

    @Tim (or someone!) - is there an ongoing issue? Can this be put somewhere prominent so people can find it (and we can point them to it)? Getting messy with threads everywhere having slightly different issues etc. If there is already one please point it out

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    Yup, I ran into this link:

    which made me solve the problem in seconds with my trymedia email. Thanks!! - Historic FIA GT for rFactor

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