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Thread: Re-encouraging track modeling

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    BTB developing is back now. and there is a few new ways to merge tracks now with the Aid of 3dsimed 3.i also agree that most of the original BTB wasn't always up to scratch in the texture animations styles' personally I had a lot of problems merging tracks , can't really blame the modders for that, has btb was stop in mid process of development.but hopefully piddy will stay this time, and sort out his personal issues, and continue with BTB

    Video by R soul was created on how to use 3dsimed and btb track merging. I won't put it here has I think that should be up to the original creator to added them also they may be too big in MegaBytes size. but if you need the Content please pm me.and I upload them to a private site.
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    I'm quite happy for you to link to the video. Since I made that, we have a new version of 3dSimed, and I started using Blender to do the merging. Between Blender and 3dSimed there's a bit of faffing around with materials, but it's worth trying.

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    I can not see the video tutorial that climbed Alex

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