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Thread: Minimum Recommended Server Specs for rFactor 2

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    Hi Read all of the stuff in this thread. My question is probably in the wrong place, but just wondering what would be the minimum upload/download for a player, not a host to give some safety factor to avoid lag?

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    Player-side is fairly light. If you launch multiplayer, in the lower right are the network settings. Mine is 256k for both up/down; can't remember if that's the default setting.

    Worth noting that I've just started using a 4GLTE connection and it seems to be reliable for rF2 despite not being a very good connection due to a ridge between me & the tower. Download speed is fine (10-20 Mbps depending on weather & usage), but upload is never more than 2 Mbps and sometimes as low as 512 kbps. My pings are typically in the 90-150 mS range no matter where in the world the server is located.

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