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Thread: Video Settings via rF Config Utility

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    Video Settings via rF Config Utility

    Here is an explanation of what each setting does in the rF Config util.

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    Video: Video Card options. Most users will leave at default. Users with multiple video cards may need to adjust this.

    Shader Level: Shader level referrs to the DirectX or DX setting. rFactor currently supports DX7, DX8 and DX9. The higher the shader level the higher the video quality will be in rFactor. The higher shader level is also more system intensive. The lower the shader level the lower the video quality. The lower shader level is less system intensive. Higher end newer systems will run DX9 without issue, older systems may struggle for FPS in DX9

    Language: Select your native language.

    Resolution: This is the screen size rFactor will run in. Basically the larger screen size the larger your view and clearer your detail. Your displays native resolution and video card capabilities should be considered.

    Anti Aliasing: Helps smooth jagged edges in graphics. If lines appear jagged or broken , add a higher "AA" level. Higher Anti Aliasing settings, the more system intensive. But clearer the image. Lower Anti Aliasing settings, less system intensive. But "Jaggies" or jagged lines can begin to occur.

    Refresh Rate: Target display refresh rate.

    VSync On: Vertical synchronization eliminates "Page tearing" and "artifacts" when occuring on some systems and displays.

    Widescreen UI: Check this box if you are using a wide screen monitor. This adjusts the User Interface to a wide screen environment.

    Windowed: Runs rFactor in windowed instead of full screen mode

    MultiView: For use with systems with multiple displays

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    Hi Tim,
    I have two GeForce GTX 560Ti cards linked via SLI and I am trying to play rFactor on three come MultiView is gray for me? I don't have problems with extended desktop nor other games. Btw: I have video setup v1.5 and I have installed the v1255 exe downloaded from
    Your help would be appreciated.

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