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R Soul
02-23-11, 12:25 PM
Just to be clear about what I mean, this is an example from Essington:
http://catmanofiowa.com/RSoul/img/sharptrans.jpg + http://catmanofiowa.com/RSoul/img/fadegrass.jpg = http://catmanofiowa.com/RSoul/img/smoothtrans.jpg

There are times when I've tried to do something similar but I've always had problems with flickering. Because the 'transition' polygons are close to the ground, the renderer has trouble working out which one should be drawn last. The example from Essington doesn't have such issues. Nor do the mowed grass lines at Silverstone (sorry, Northamptonshire GP, what was I thinking?). There's a similar effect used to mask the track edges at Le Mans 77/79, so clearly there is a way for modders to use the effect.

Does 3dsMax, or the gMotor plugin, have some setting that controls the sort odor of an object or material? I don't have that program, but if there is such a feature I could suggest it to Dave Noonan, who makes 3dSimed.

02-23-11, 03:19 PM
You encountered problem known as z-fighting (do not mix it with object ordering) which is related to precise of z buffer
You can affect it by changing lodins and lodouts in cameras but it doestn't protect from flickering from custom cameras and probably car ones.

As I saw in other productions based on gmotor, they prepare complete texture which including transition from one material to another.

If anyone knows sollution I would be glad to read about that.

02-27-11, 08:52 AM
I don't use transition textures very much, and prefer to attach the transition to the edge of the grass texture. I use overlapping meshes some times, mostly for road lines, skid marks and banners. When I run into z-fighting related flickering problems, I just raise the mesh until it no longer flickers. This is usually only an inch or less, and isn't noticeable when driving.

03-02-11, 09:56 PM
I also do the same with what Uzzi says... raise the mesh until it doesn't flicker or just have a transition to the edge... Usually 3dsmax has a checker for overlapping faces so you would now...