View Full Version : I'm looking for a Simulator game for my kids and I to play without any Sexualty......

12-13-11, 02:07 PM
I'm looking for a Simulator game for my kids and I to play without any Sexualty.......

Just straight racing. Is this game good for that?

K Szczech
12-13-11, 03:15 PM
It's a simulator.

For this reason, there's no storyline or other stuff here - you just select racing series, car, track and go driving, so you don't have to worry about any sexutality/violence that can be found in other games.
Also, driver's don't get injured and you can't even hit a mechanic - you'll just pass right through him like a ghost.
So yeah, it's perfectly safe.

But for the same reason it's preferable (but not strictly necessary) to have a reasonable steering wheel, drive using cockpit view or roof camera only, and there is no street racing or regular traffic here - just racing circuits. There are lots of addons of course (cars and tracks), but generally it's all about the professional side of racing.

Additionally - the only way to play multiplayer is through network - be it local or internet, but there is no split screen mode for two players - you'll need to connect two computers if you want to race each other.

12-13-11, 03:57 PM
Thanks K Szczech.
This is what I'm looking for then. I have to Steering wheel setups and some decent PC's so we should have fun. I'm looking to setup more systems to do a local race as I have 4 boys but only 2 are interested at this point.

Thanks again.

12-14-11, 12:35 AM
I don't know.. rFactor seems pretty damn SEXY if you ask me..


12-14-11, 04:06 AM
The deltawing looks like a phallus on wheels. Good thing it was never released as a public mod!

12-25-11, 12:40 AM
occasionally you will see some grid girls or whatever the modder decides to put in their work, just dont download those.

12-25-11, 01:45 AM
How much does a reasonable wheel cost which can be used for years to come ??

Martin Keets
12-27-11, 08:52 PM
Logitech DFGT is a good wheel. There are cheaper wheels but it's the best FFB wheel for it's price range. If you're looking to spend a bit more I would suggest a Logitech G27 or Thrustmaster T500RS.

I've owed all 3. T500RS is the best wheel but it's the most expensive. I've still got my DFGT for back up in case my T500RS ever dies which seems unlikely but you never know.
All 3 are good wheels but you might also want to check out the Fanatec range too.
Never owned one of there wheels but I do use there Clubsport pedals which are ace.

12-27-11, 10:36 PM
DFGT are great wheels at a great price. The pedals are flimsy though. Look under logitech in your local phone book and phone your local customer sales rep. Often you can get discounts of up to 50% just by asking them. So possibly you could get a G27 for 50% off. It doesn't hurt to ask. Logitech also have a great reputation and customer support.

I use fanatec gear and I would not recommend the gt3 rs. The clubsport pedals I would recommend as they are an affordable aluminum pedal set. Fantatec has sketchy customer support, sometimes you get help, sometimes you don't.