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  1. Seat issue
  2. Initial Observations
  3. Autopilot vector selection unimplemented?
  4. Power bus chain (tuto 3)
  5. STC - can't return after service request (NYI)
  6. VMS flashes like a disco
  7. VMS fault
  8. COMMS forzen in menus
  9. FCS React flow rate
  10. COMMS won't work over the Umbilical
  11. Silly Italian MTS System looking for American Programmers (My MTS Dun Goofed)
  12. Unable to de-select docking port
  13. MTS failure
  14. LENR - Reactant flow rate
  15. Misc things noted
  16. Dead batteries
  17. Panel buttons doesn't react and extreme overtemp.
  18. Panel buttons auto-pressing/un-pressing
  19. MFD: Sensor "loses" targets under certain circumstances
  20. Proximity warning stays active
  21. MFD can't be used when not seated
  22. Can't click on the right-lower side of the HMD when caret slaved and zoomed in.
  23. cant ignite mts
  24. Nav autopilot in target mode not pointing at transfer target (
  25. Problem with Sleep
  26. Ver. 0.2.01 - Incorrect Instr Light button appearance with Batt 1 OFF
  27. [MTS + NAS + SAN] - firing up autopilot align after a SAN MES traversal, runaway MTS!
  28. [VMS] no tracking icons in other camera's other than forward
  29. Trajectory tunnel and velocity lines
  30. Flying Fox Overheat!?
  31. Display Problems