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  1. Troubleshooting
  2. RogueSystemSim.exe has stopped working.
  3. Crash on Launch v0.
  4. win10 problem
  5. Crash on startup, no specific message
  6. (Launch) Game Closes While Loading Tutorial
  7. Bug Found ( PC-crashing)
  8. Flickering planet texture and frame drop near it
  9. locking cursor to MFD can cause framerate stuttering
  10. OpenAL32.dll Missing; Can't Start Game
  11. Invert mouse?
  12. Docking Tutorial doesn't finish?
  13. Recording with Bandicam
  14. Oculus Rift support
  15. System failures
  16. Cannot Assign Rudder Pedals
  17. Occasional erratic mouse behaviour
  18. Fuel running out
  19. Enabling transmitter during startup causes bus 2 overload?
  20. Fuel Cell Overheat Issue (Maybe a bug, but not good if you lose TMS)
  21. Cant launch game
  22. Battery 2 Recharge?
  23. Launcher - user not found
  24. Eratic speed and distance value
  25. People Experiencing nVidia Crash, look here...
  26. Coolant temperature overheating in launch tutorial?
  27. Launch tutorial - enable the radiator?
  28. Lauch Error 0xc000007b
  29. Is it possible to undock and dock in one go?
  30. launcher msvcp110.dll error
  31. Yaw docking alignment indicator backward?
  32. Cannot start Rogue System due to missing OpenAL32.dll
  33. Very small fuel tank, high fuel usage, or is it just me?
  34. Runtime error R6025 on launch
  35. Normal startup, no video on curved screens?
  36. Most spacecraft interior panels (skins) are rendered with RED transparancy film
  37. MTS Boost throttle not binding
  38. Cannot assign HOTAS axis?
  39. "RogueSystemSim.Exe has stopped working"
  40. runtime error when launching
  41. Another one whose having problems assigning axis commands to Saitek X-55 hotas
  42. Keys Not Binding (MOVED)
  43. Entry point not found
  44. Runetime Error R6025 On Startup
  45. A few issues in
  46. Can't do anything
  47. Contact disappears when locked?
  48. AMD Drivers and Other Space Oddities
  49. Can't play any of the missions.
  50. Texture banding issue on planetary bodies
  51. Don't have appropriate permissions to access?
  52. Fullscreen Issue?
  53. Weapons capacitor discharging
  54. Cursor gets stuck in the middle of the screen when Alt+Tabbing
  55. No exterior textures are showing
  56. C++ Runtime error
  57. Mouse sensitivity
  58. Game won't launch
  59. Can't use emergency clamp disconnect on start station
  60. Launcher won't locate a valid network adapter
  61. Series not installed Multiplayer.
  62. Headtracking with Opentrack
  63. "missing msvcp110.dll error" despite having installed it
  64. Re-ignition after dock [MTS] (version
  65. RogSys ignores my joystick input (mostly)
  66. Changing Sensor View (version
  67. alcGetIntegerv Error
  68. Crashes when coming into range of any object
  69. Stuttering during weapons fire and ghostly docking ports
  70. Controls not saving.
  71. RogueSystemSim.exe has stopped working - Keyboard issue?
  72. Major Graphical Error
  73. Bandicam crashes rFactor 2
  74. Bought RogueSystem but haven't received any email...
  75. Trying to run on a super ****ty laptop, crashes when loading
  76. Roguesystemsim.exe has stopped working.
  77. White pointer lags behind TrackIR
  78. Windows mouse cursor visible, jerky, and somewhat annoying
  79. HOTAS WARTHOG nothing binding
  80. Tranmission issues + too much sleep during travel?
  81. Maintenance power not connecting after dock.
  82. Localizer on falling station mission
  83. New eAccess Account Problems
  84. XBox 360 Controller: Connection issue
  85. Can't Start Sim
  86. Error with running Oalinst
  87. MES Throttle Trouble
  88. Launching RogSys on secondary monitor
  89. Tutorial 2 problem: "Cycle MTS Boost Thrusters and..."
  90. Game stop working in the loading screen (steam)
  91. RogueSystemSim.exe has stopped working (Steam Edition) - Missing file or sound prob?
  92. [] Game freeze after undocking
  93. Graphics Glitch (RGB Squares on Background)
  94. Game captures mouse cursor on multimonitor system
  95. (steam) C++ runtime error on startup
  96. Modding : empty log file at crash
  97. constant-g burn - 'steer to' indicator spazzes around?
  98. Target Ring Rescue: Docking Not Happening
  99. Graphical Errors
  100. Low Framerate
  101. 'Failed to launch simulation'
  102. troubles with 4k
  103. display issues
  104. Multiple Display Setups
  105. Steam Version wont start
  106. pitch up and down not working (but animation and sounds are working)