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  1. Suggestion Guidelines
  2. Aluminium oxynitride (VMS)
  3. Control Assignment
  4. Initial Suggestions
  5. several suggestions (all minor)
  6. Button combinations
  7. tutorials: put (CONT) promtps on another button
  8. Please add border less window mode.
  9. Allow TrackIR to control The zoom level
  10. SLI support
  11. MFD suggestions
  12. Zoom toggle
  13. Absolute thrust entry
  14. External docking override mode suggestions
  15. Yet Another Initial Suggestions List
  16. Just one great favor concerning headbob/cockpit shake/camera shake
  17. Remap the VMS key (Keypad .)
  18. (AP) Kill Rotation
  19. Shields?
  20. [ECS] Power distribution should REALLY be a bus tie
  21. instead of zenith angle.. eccentricity, inclination, and argument of periapsis
  22. [VMS] Customization and Information
  23. Lens Flare change?
  24. UI - View dot/mouse cursor with track ir
  25. Realism and interplay between weapon types
  26. Display extraction?
  27. Uboot feeling and far distance travel
  28. [VMS] Additional display modes
  29. Button Covers
  30. And ANOTHER suggestions thread.
  31. public bug tracker?
  32. Cockpit displays showing multi option info
  33. Exact data on instrument panels
  34. Clickable STC commands
  35. An idea about the center MHD area.
  36. External cams
  37. a real debug console?
  38. Interplanetary Travel Gameplay
  39. HUD reporoduce in MFD
  40. VMS render enhancement
  41. Navigation Ball - KSP does it perfectly
  42. navigation: angular velocity display
  43. Orbitng autopilot
  44. HMD: Neither intuitive nor practical.
  45. Cockpit location
  46. Where is all the gravity coming from?
  47. Several observations and suggestions
  48. Sound volume nob
  49. Oxygen
  50. Navigation and strobe lights.
  51. VMS docking angle alignment indication
  52. Deakn Rambles
  53. Additional Step for Entering STC Limiter and Type of Capacitor Failure
  54. Ship Computer or Ship Console
  55. Physics of cooling (TMS)
  56. Navagation
  57. RSS feed for news?
  58. Atmospheric crafts and launching from planet surface; possible?
  59. telescope!
  60. Fighter ship design + Gyroscopic Stabalzers
  61. Active Cockpits (Gameplay?)
  62. Environment and atmosphere
  63. Sensors!
  64. Zoom toggle please?
  65. Internal Air Pressure
  66. Slider Behavior for Throttle
  67. ACMI-like Feature
  68. Just a thought, voice commands for talking to traffic control. What do you think?
  69. Archive of Older Versions
  70. 3D Printers
  71. Mission: Custom Paramaters
  72. Multiplayer: Architecture
  73. Version nomenclature - dates as-is don't sort nicely
  74. FPS controls /w head-tracking - 7/15/15 update feedback
  75. UI - Way to Bind Selector Switches to Rotary Input
  76. HUD thoughts
  77. Rotation/translation toggle
  78. A better navigation system
  79. MP: Realistic tower control
  80. Key binding improvements
  81. mouse acceleration
  82. TrackIR cockpit woes.
  83. Zooming in and the VMS
  84. Missile counter measure suggestions
  85. Increasing time acceleration limit
  86. Random ideas and suggestions post
  87. Saturday couldn't get here sooner
  88. Cheat Start-up
  89. Mouse inversion option (for the FPS mode)?
  90. Target orbital data
  91. [HUD] Speed (inertia?) indicator
  92. New Player - thoughts on the docking experience
  93. Standardized cockpit or not?
  94. Ship weapon definitions: keep ammo separate from the weapon
  95. Fighter ship design.......
  96. Relatively Easy Content Idea?
  97. Missing a flight clock in the firearc
  98. Docking modes
  99. Atomic Rocket - Spacecraft Design and World Building Reource
  100. Realistic Space Combat Resources
  101. Settings Options: Device selection
  102. Temporary Nap Length Implementation
  103. HUD changes?
  104. Aids to navigation
  105. Support ship idea: slow down target rotation
  106. Main Menu Bass Levels
  107. Navigational maps and memory
  108. Camera views integreted
  109. Thoughts on a VR friendly UI
  110. orbital parameters inclination and time (or angle) to ascending/descending nodes
  111. Thoughts on an "Alarm Clock"
  112. Offtopic/Miscelleneaus
  113. Weapons and guidance systems
  114. Not enough information displayed for RCS
  115. Separated Transmitters and Recievers
  116. Standarized radio freq scheme?
  117. Backup docking system
  118. Avoiding boredom, what to do to spend time? (minigames, ship interior).
  119. A couple questions
  120. Allow binding translation to a joystick axis
  121. damage control
  122. Weapons suggestions
  123. Real-Life Seat Console
  124. Interesting article...
  125. Temperature in Celsius
  126. REQ Normalization of Revision Numbers
  127. Shouldn't the Fuel Cell Bus Tie work on Emergency power?
  128. [VMS] - unique render layer for VMS symbology
  129. UI: Add tutorial key prompts for 'next' and 'previous' hint.
  130. RMB for zoom instead of MMB
  131. [Mission] suggestion for training rendezvous.
  132. Better ways to rendezvous
  133. [Gameplay] MES as non-reactionless "ballistic jump" FTL
  134. [ SENSOR] MFD blocks external Docking mode Range numbers
  135. [ SENSOR] No Ping / Localiser on VMS modes other than Tracking
  136. [VMS, controls] - absolute and relative HUDs and controls, vs cameras
  137. Infra-red vision in screens
  138. [Sensor page] - closure/range vector components (and angular velocity on dock UI)
  139. Comprehensive "training" in-story campaign (for release)
  140. Sounds in space
  141. Some music
  142. Ability to see total or current tank capacity in Kg on RCM panel
  143. Stop capturing the mouse when the game window is in the background
  144. Rectilinear panorama screenshots
  145. 2D radar
  146. Short Term SAN Suggestions (Until SAN is Properly Fleshed Out)
  147. translation thrust axii
  148. Zoom
  149. The space tow/utility truck.
  150. What is combat going to be like?
  151. Ship repairs, component replacement, modificiations.
  152. More Orbital information
  153. Real-Life Seat Console - *UPDATE*-kinda
  154. Option to set a wider FOV