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  1. Known Issues
  2. Bug reporting Guidelines
  3. Had to install openAL before the game would run
  4. (CONTROL) Can't inverse Mouse Look Y
  5. (UI) Can't assign same buton/axis on independant system
  6. Cannot Start RogueSystemLauncher.exe
  7. Multithread optimization can be perfected (aka why you hate my core4?)
  8. right-click zoom screen wierdness - more apparent with TrackIR
  9. First Person movement bug after exiting pilot chair
  10. (minor texture bug) cockpit lights/seat bulkhead panel
  11. Docked with station Early
  12. Docking with Ventral port while still 43 meters away
  13. Game crashes if TrackIR (or similar) is not present
  14. Game fails to start up.
  15. Graphics Glitch on some Planets - Concentric Rings
  16. Cant launch the game - missing OpenAL32.dll
  17. Miscellaneous bugs
  18. [VIDEO CARD] Game fail to startup with no message
  19. Graphical glitch- Sun light traveling through ship
  20. Graphical Issue - Red Transparent Textures
  21. Graphics issue- missing walls, white overlay, and other odd stuff (Intel graphics)
  22. Wired stuff happened while docking mission
  23. Black screen when first entering seat. win7, gtx970
  24. Ship Hitbox Error
  25. Mouse still trapped in window mode
  26. Small spelling error
  27. [Controls] Dragging while initiating mouselook override causes constant spin
  28. Camera: Camera gets "stuck" with multiple inputs
  29. hori and verti Scroll bars don't work in the XMissionLog
  30. Runtime Error on start
  31. Keybinds working from outside of cockpit
  32. [UI/VMS] Target box doesn't rezize
  33. Graphical Issue In ESC Menu
  34. "Spelling And Other Errors" thread for SellableItems.ROG
  35. Graphics - Ghosting
  36. nVidea graphics crash soon after turorial start
  37. [Graphics] Resolution not resetting
  38. Sound bug
  39. Immediate Graphical Freezing?
  40. Drop out of the ship - press R when the seat is moving to the unsafe position
  41. LENR sound still active after reactor was shut down
  42. Jumping out of the Spaceship
  43. Gameplay bugs (Any that aren't included in the Known Bug Report)
  44. Radar
  45. Central Monitor not Working
  46. Menu screen vs Mouse pointer when windows font scaling set above "Smallest"
  47. Track IR Pause causes centering
  48. STC don't want to repeat himself
  49. Graphics glitch: Cloud layer on Main screen
  50. Clipping bug: Let's get out from the spaceship !
  51. nvidia TDR after some gameplay
  52. Minor Bug: Tutorial check box not centered
  53. TMS Overheat/Windows Mouse Pointer/Flux Drive Config error
  54. launch tutorial: something strange with celestials OR station on deorbit?
  55. game hang, unknown cause
  56. Mouse "Sliding" Bug + TMS Overheat
  57. MFD panel - trouble clicking buttons on lower right
  58. Power Off Conditions
  59. NVIDIA OpenGL Driver Error (Testing a Fix)
  60. Collision issues in the cockpit
  61. OpenGL crash (Radeon R9 290 card)
  62. WMS not shown in "System Info" page
  63. display letters and numbers very big frow far away
  64. Time Warp - Ship Wobble bug
  65. Slippery Nodes and strange thrust values?
  66. Problem with Update 2 and TM Warthog Stick
  67. Battery Charge Lost
  68. Update 2 : not updated Launcher splash message or MOTD
  69. (possible?) Orbital data bug
  70. [STC] Space Traffic Control, no response.
  71. Unable to bind 4th and 5th mouse buttons?
  72. Mouse button mixup?
  73. Problems with keybindings
  74. Having Freetrack installed (not enabled) causes game to crash
  75. Xfer Window (version
  76. UI: DSR/Very High Resolution - can't click menu items
  77. Possible bug : Disapearing stations
  78. Incorrect hover text over buttons
  79. Engine Locking Bug
  80. cold-gas + autopilot = bass popping
  81. Game crash on Approach
  82. "cursor"-dot disappears
  83. Can not load launcher, Microsoft Redistributor Errors
  84. Severe Graphical Bug: No texture loading outside the ship.
  85. Crash when changing nav info under certain circumstances
  86. Dvorak and Keyboard switching
  87. Nits to pick
  88. My ship spawned without a Cockpit
  89. STC continues to be derpy
  90. Orbital parameter display stuck on solar reference
  91. Sleep timer continues after death
  92. Docking Mission 1
  93. Possible collision glitch?
  94. CTD on Tutorial #2
  95. No texture loading outside the ship
  96. CTD on rescue mission
  97. Safety cover
  98. Bladder Depress
  99. Can' run it from my home folder
  100. Testing out the flying fox, Battery Issues?
  101. Missing MSVCR110.dll
  102. [AUDIO] Sound issues
  103. [BUG] Can't bind Axis anymore + Wonky TrackIR
  104. [BUG] Safety Covers are invisible with instrument lights off.
  105. [BUG] Fuel flow indicators not working?
  106. [MINOR] [Update 4.7] Docking alignment sound not muting
  107. 4.95 - Fox - MTS - "Spontaneous" & permanent Supercon OFF when Alt Tabbing back
  108. Windows 10 SmartScreen issue ?
  109. Crash - Steam release (non Steam client) - When trying to load Tut_6 (weapons)
  110. [VIDEO] in borderless window, window has decorations
  111. [Orbit Parameter Display] - Eccentricity incorrectly calculated?
  112. Tutorial Intro: WASD
  113. Tutorial 6:EMRC ends a bit too abruptly
  114. Incomplete communication log
  115. G-Limit exceeded causes game freeze
  116. channel audio bug!
  117. [Version][Comms] STC does not respond to "On Approach" on open channel
  118. Crash in loading screen (0.2..01.00)
  119. Localizer mis aligned
  120. Game crash after disengaging emergency clamp
  121. Black screen after sleep during transfer
  122. MTS Booster Throttle (1) and (2) mapping
  123. [ SENSOR Test][VMS] F4 mode camera retained when back in cockpit
  124. [STEAM] Achievement: One Small Step
  125. [ SENSOR beta] COMMS: Receive messages from STC Out of order and too late
  126. [] MOAR ATC issues
  127. [STEAM] Game client not loading
  128. [ STC] Possible STC bug
  129. [ STC] LENR Validate Reactant inconsistency
  130. [ CAW] VMS/MFD/ECS rebboot after SAN
  131. Major FPS issue after tutorial camera change [STEAM eAccess APS]
  132. crash on startup if there are no sound devices connected
  133. Cobra M5 joystick : Cannot map controls because of mode button.
  134. Cant bind things to my X-55 hotas if I have saitek profiles disabled.
  135. - heavy (consitent) FPS loss from prior update
  136. Startup Appcrash
  137. Crash on loading screen [Steam version]
  138. [Steam version] Crash on loading screen
  139. Bug: Batterie Two is not loading while in SAN
  140. Joystick - Assigning Axis - Two Entries for Pitch Roll Yaw
  141. [eAccess CONTROL] minor STC tab window bug
  142. Stuck in Service selection ( CONTROL)
  143. [ CONTROL] Cannot reengage LSS Pri Iso Valve
  144. [ CONTROL] AG Scrubber replacement does not work
  145. Exterior view is just a black screen
  146. "Failed to launch simulation" message on startup