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  1. What is rFactor?
  2. Who is ISI?
  3. Installation: Windows XP
  4. Installation: Windows Vista
  5. Video Settings via rF Config Utility
  6. Profile (Player) Creation
  7. Problems activating rFactor after installing G27 Logitech trial
  8. Downloading rFactor
  9. New Computer / Already Paid / Activation
  10. Trymedia Activation Email Explained
  11. First time unlock / using unlock codes and coupons
  12. What is the difference in the activation methods?
  13. Explaining the Online Purchase-Unlock System
  14. Activation/unlocking video explanation
  15. Text Editing
  16. Dealing with MAS archives
  17. 3ds Max Plugins
  18. Viewing / testing track aspects outside of rFactor
  19. AIW Editing
  20. File structure
  21. Removing/installing ATI drivers
  22. Removing/installing nVidia drivers
  23. Can you explain rFactor's unlocking system?
  24. I'm getting a blank screen while trying to activate rFactor
  25. Getting a missing DLL file error when you first run rFactor?
  26. How do I reactivate rFactor?
  27. How do I send rFactor as a gift?
  28. rFactor won't start or takes a very long time to start and runs slowly
  29. Where can I find more cars and tracks for rFactor?
  30. The cockpit vibration seems excessive. How do I turn it down?
  31. How do I get my own car/team into rFactor?
  32. I keep seeing metric and I want English measurments!
  33. The laps seem all screwed up for counting down...what lap am I on?
  34. Why won't my server show up in the in-game race list?
  35. Why does my server show up sometimes, but not others in the in-game race list?
  36. How do I switch cars in the replay?
  37. How do I get rid of the steering wheel?
  38. I heard there are cheat codes...what are they, and what do they do?
  39. My car keeps dying if I crash or come to a stop!
  40. How do I have a night race!
  41. How do I get different menu music in rFactor!
  42. Why do I keep seeing these little ugly grey box-cars when I'm racing in multiplayer?
  43. How do I back up my Trymedia keys so I don't have to ask for them again?
  44. I'm getting horrible FPS on my system... How do I check my FPS (frames per second)?
  45. Someone sent me a setup...how do I find it?
  46. I'd like to see the amount of fuel I want to add, not the total amount...
  47. I went into my car, and my camera was going crazy...
  48. Is there a way to turn down the compression on screen shots in rFactor?
  49. How do you set the opponent interval display in rFactor?
  50. Common startup issues
  51. I'm out of activations
  52. Blue Screen - BSOD
  53. Stuttering
  54. Offline Race Seasons
  55. Firewalls
  56. Dedicated Server Ports
  57. Dedicated Server Basic Setup
  58. Customize Tab Basics
  59. Control Tab Basics
  60. Advanced Difficulty Settings
  61. Advanced Rules Settings
  62. Advanced Control Mapping Settings
  63. Advanced Control Mapping Rates Settings
  64. Advanced Control Force Feedback Settings
  65. Advanced Display Settings
  66. Advanced Audio Settings
  67. Connect Tab Basics
  68. What are the minimum system requirements?
  69. Can I run rFactor on Windows 7?
  70. I get an error "Missing Information" or "Can't Open Page" when starting rFactor
  71. How do I create a clean install of rFactor?